Herbs Gardening Workshop with Microorganisms

Grow more organic herbs with soil microorganisms

Did you know? 

While the basic requirements for growth, sunlight, water, soil and nutrients are essential


There is one element which is often forgotten but is the most important for both plants and soil to thrive, that which is Soil Microorganisms.


Some issues that you might have faced:

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    My plant was growing fine but it died after transplanting to another pot. I watered regularly, with adequate sunlight but my plants stopped growing well after while.

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    Nothing grows well on my newly bought soil even after adding fertilizers. My soil turned barren and hard at the bottom.

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    My plant is growing very slowly and the roots easily get rotten

The reason is that there is not enough
soil microorganisms present

Soil microorganisms are essential good bacterias living in the soil which increases the soil pH, improve soil fertility and help plants to be more resistant to PEST and diseases.


Something that the soils in urban gardening  is lacking as the soil that you buy commercially do not have enough good microorganisms.


The soils in forests on the hand  have cultivated a foundational bed of microorganisms through hundred of years of biodegradation which is self sustaining.


What you will learn in this workshop to cultivate good soil microorganisms and boost plant growth

With the right care and right materials, you too can cultivate good microorganisms in your garden which will boost herb growth naturally and heathily without the need to keep changing soil or add fertilizers.

  • Easy herbs to grow in singapore climate

  • Gardening tips

  • Common gardening mistakes to avoid

  • How to access soil quality ( PH, clay , texture) and mix soil

  • How to encourage Microorganisms growth

  • Using organic fertilizers

  • Water and sunlight requirements

  • Plantlets and seedlings care

  • Grafting and propagation

  • Increasing fruits and flowers growth


Hands on:

30 mins hands on planting, grafting
and propagating.


Speaker profile

Lim Tau Boon

  • Senior Business Development Director of AllCosmos

  • Bio-Tech Holding Corporation

  • Director of Sabah Softwoods Hybrid Fertilizers

  • Director of All Cosmos R&D company

  • Director of Kinabalu lifesciences Sdn Bhdm

  • Managed a 100 Acerts Fruit Farm in Ayer Hitam, Malaysia

  • Herb planters for 7 years


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What people say about us:


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    21 Sep (Sat) | 2 - 4pm

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    801 Tampines Ave 4, Singapore 520801 ( Level 2)

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